Promoting Women

DREAM is particularly focused on women, because of the importance of their role in the community.

The epidemic of HIV / AIDS has always seen in women the quintessential victim, even if they represent the core of the family and of the African society. Today, knowing that there is an effective therapy and that the HIV test result is not a declaration of early death, leads to a new awareness: women, marginal and marginalized also because of the disease, at the center of this revolution, represent the possibility to react and live the beginning of a new life. With them, the men, the village, neighbors and especially children, who are born healthy and are no longer orphans.

In DREAM women have chosen to help other patients. They are real [tipso tip=”Women have the ability to communicate to others with strength and conviction that AIDS is not a death sentence. They are personally committed in public campaigns against stigma and to the empowerment of other African women and their inclusion in society. They spread their testimony through television and radio, participating in national and international conferences, mobilizing new creative energies, bringing out the latent resources and expressing their full potential, responding authoritatively to the challenges and opportunities of their own lives and the society in which they live”]testimonials[/tipso] that offer an irreplaceable support such as counseling, peer education and struggle against the stigma. The commitment and the testimony of many of these women brought thousands of people to therapy.


  • Home care
  • Raising awareness in the community and in the media about women's rights
  • Struggling against stigma and gender discrimination
  • Peer education to assist other women in the maternity wards
  • Education regarding weaning children
  • Improving adherence to treatment protocols