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DREAM Figures – February 2017

330,000 people assisted

of whom 70,000 less than 15 years old

138,000 in antiretroviral therapy

of whom 15,000 children

Children born healthy from the vertical program prevention: 63,000

millions of people in recent years have benefited from the DREAM program

(health training, water filters, nutritional support, mosquito netting, prevention programs on work, radio, television etc)

Medical visits carried out: 3,400,000

Viral loads carried out: 595,000

CD4 carried out: 1,088,000

11 countries in which DREAM is working: Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Republic of Guinea, Swaziland,
Cameroon, Congo RDC, Central African Republic, Angola and Nigeria

47 working DREAM Centres

25 clinical laboratories

120 formation courses

5,000 formed African professionals

Costs: 200 euros to ensure for a year the complete treatment to a patient afflicted by AIDS

360 euros to ensure complete treatment to a mother and her child during its first year of life


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