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DREAM Figures – June 2014


250,000 people assisted
of whom 45,000 less than 15 years old


170,000 patients in follow-up

105,000 in antiretroviral therapy
of whom 12,000 children

Children born healthy from the vertical program prevention: 25,500

Current Pregnancies under treatment: 2,000

1,500,000 persons that in these years used the DREAM programme (health training, water filters, nutritional support, mosquito netting, prevention programs on work, radio, television etc)

Medical visits carried out: 3,500,000

Viral loads carried out: 470,000

CD4 carried out: 855,000

10 countries in which DREAM is working: Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Republic of Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Congo RDC, Angola and Nigeria

42 working DREAM Centres

20 clinical laboratories

25 formation courses

5,000 formed African professionals

Costs: 600 euro the annual cost per patient (therapies, analysis, home care, nutritional support, medical visits)

500 euro the cost for each healthy child born from a hiv-positive mother

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