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The Italian Navy provides support to the DREAM Program

consegnaOn February 23, a ceremony was held at Dar es Salaam, to inaugurate the delivery of humanitarian aid by the flagship boat, of the Italian Navy, Carabinieri. The ship has been used in the anti-piracy mission Atalanta, at the guide of the Euopean Union.

In the presence of Italian ambassador, Luigi Scotto – who during his time has visited the DREAM centers of Arusha and Iringa on several occasions  – drugs for opportunistic infections, generic drugs, and medical supplies were donated; all intended for treatment of 3,700 patients in care the DREAM program of the Community of S. (. . .)

It is Not Enough to be Doctors , You Need to be Human. Interview with Noorjehay Magid , a woman committed to the DREAM program in Mozambique

IMG_1356We publish the full interview with Noorjehay Magid during her appearance on Mozambican newspaper Noticias.

Noorjehay Magid, is a doctor and clinical manager of the DREAM program for fighting HIV in Mozambique. Behind the white coat is a woman of faith with a strong humanitarian streak. She exercises her profession with the idea that “to treat the sick it is not enough to be doctors, you need to have human feelings.” (. . .)

DREAM Works to Fight Tuberculosis #UniteToEndTB

World Tuberculosis Day 2016

World-TB-Day-Pics1Unite to End TB”  is the slogan chosen this year by the World Health Organization for World TB Day, which is celebrated on March 24th today in memory of the historic lecture by Robert Koch, in which he revealed to the world the cause of tuberculosis. The press issue released by WHO on the occasion of the anniversary shows great optimism: justified by the astonishing figure of 43 million lives saved since 2000 thanks to recent efforts in the fight against TB. (. . .)