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The challenges of HIV therapy and the HIV/TB co-infection in Africa

A training course for health personnel took place in Kinshasa last week, organized by the DREAM Program of the Community of Sant’Egidio, called “The challenges behind HIV therapy and the HIV/TB co-infection in Africa”. Amongst the topics discussed were the shift to the third line of antiretrovirals and the use of the resistance test. The course was attended by 40 doctors, nurses and paramedic personnel from the DREAM center in Kinshasa and other local health centers and hospitals which collaborate with the DREAM Program in various ways, as well as representatives of the personnel of the DREAM center in Mbandaka (Équateur Province) and the Bandundu area. (. . .)

Conference on the role of the activists in the treatment of AIDS

On Friday 21 July a conference took place in Kinshasa in the PNLS room (National AIDS Control Program), called “Sharing the experience of the DREAM activists in the fight against HIV/AIDS”.


The idea originated from the growing interest of the National Program, responsible for taking charge of the HIV patients, towards the DREAM experience, which shows excellent retention statistics also in the DRC. (. . .)

Agreement between DREAM and the Association “Bambini del Danubio”

The agreement between DREAM and the Association “Bambini del Danubio” in support of the Program in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been renewed

The DREAM Program is present in the DRC since 2009 in Mbandakà and since 2011 in Kinshasa with the opening of the Floribert Bwana Center, built thanks to the contribution of the Association “Bambini del Danubio” and the Assicurazioni Generali Group. (. . .)

Reaching everyone through training

8bAn important Training Course has just been completed in the DREAM Center in Kinshasa. The strategy in fighting AIDS constantly requires more and more commitment, in view of the WHO’s goal to reach by 2020 “90, 90, 90” (90% of the population tested, 90% treated with antiretrovirals, 90% with a viral load under control). In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (data from 2014) 78% of women and 85% of men do not have access to the test: the screening of HIV is therefore an absolute priority. (. . .)

Il Nunzio Apostolico di Kinshasa in visita al centro DREAM

Dopo il grande pranzo di Natale, ch2016-01-23 10.00.47e per la prima volta è stato fatto al Centro DREAM grazie alla solidarietà ed al contributo suscitato dai molti amici di “Je Dream”, e che ha raccolto 190 persone, in gran parte bambini, ecco oggi una visita importante: Mons. Luis Mariano Montemajor, da pochi mesi nominato Nunzio Apostolico a Kinshasa, già da tempo conosce il lavoro per la pace della Comunità di Sant’Egidio, venendo dal Senegal dove ha visto il grande impegno per la pace in Casamanche. (. . .)

Ensure access to water to ensure life


Have access to clean water in the world, and especially in poor countries, means ensuring the right to health. A right often denied to the people of the poorest areas of Africa.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, about one third of the population still has no access to drinking water; (Joint Program WHO / UNICEF for the supply of water services and public hygiene (Joint Monitoring Program for Water Supply and Sanitation). (. . .)