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Improved effort in tackling HIV/AIDS in Guinea Conakry. New health center opened

The DREAM program of the Community of Sant’Egidio has opened a new health center in the rural city of Dubreka, in Guinea Conakry. The building was financed by the Japanese Embassy in the country, and equipped with the support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.  

It is the first DREAM center to be 100% solar powered: it is not connected to the national electricity grid and has no generators, relying on a photovoltaic system that can be upgraded at a later time if the need arises. (. . .)

A new DREAM center is to be built in the city of Dubreka thanks to financing from the Japanese Embassy in Guinea

A new agreement was signed on 15 March between the Japanese Embassy and the Community of Sant’Egidio for the construction of a new DREAM center in the city of Dubreka, located about 60 kilometers from the country’s capital, Conakry. The suburban area of Conakry is undergoing an intensive urban development program which is slowly enveloping the city in the urban fabric. (. . .)

DREAM 2.0 Prevention of female cancer in partnership with the Veronesi Foundation

DREAM has been present in Guinea for more than 10 years in the fight against AIDS. DREAM’s approach has always been to put the patient first, man and woman not as a disease, but as a person, each with their own needs and characteristics. The treatment of AIDS and its subsequent related diseases has allowed many people to understand how it is possible to live a good life even with AIDS, and women to give birth to healthy children and to preserve their energy in order to take care of them. (. . .)

Earth Day: DREAM’s Contribution to the environment in Guinea

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Solar energy for the DREAM center in Guinea. The Community Of Sant’Egidio remains committed to achieving a better environment


2015 has been the hottest year since 1880, when the temperatures started to be recorded. Hotter than the previous record set by 2014.
It won by quite a margin, and for the first time the global temperature is 1°C higher than the one recorded in the preindustrial era. Furthermore the WMO stated that this trend has not stopped in the first months of 2016. (. . .)

DREAM: not only treatment, but also the culture of living together


About thirty people meet under a paillote to talk and listen. Some are Christian, most of them are Muslim. They have known each other for years and they are friends. They are mostly women. Once a month some of them visit a prison in the suburbs where about one hundred men are clumped together in a single room. When they manage to find clothes or food they bring some to them, but they often find themselves empty-handed. (. . .)