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A story from Mozambique
To be elderly in Africa: the generation that takes care of the future

We meet Joana, an old woman from mozambique, since the beginning of the DREAM story in Maputo. We in fact begun to attend her house – or rather her hut made of pipes and mud – from 2001, even before Machava opened, the first of the DREAM centres in Africa, when the Community of Sant’ Egidio didn’t yet have in Mozambique an outpatient clinic, or any laboratory …. The

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An interview with Pacem, former DREAM activist and currently coordinator of the centre of Mthengo wa Ntenga (Malawi)

How and when did you meet DREAM?
I met DREAM in August 2005, after taking an HIV test and getting a positive result.
I felt fine really. At the time, it was my husband who was seriously ill. I tried to push him to see a doctor, I encouraged him, telling him how important it was that he get treatment. But he didn’t want to, he was scared.
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Jane’s speech at the opening of the 12th DREAM training course

Firstly, I would like to thank the Community of Saint Egidio for giving me this opportunity to speak today on behalf of my fellow HIV activist; this is rare opportunity to stand in front thy delegates, for this am very thankful.
To begin with, my name is Jennie Mphande, born 34 years ago and a widow. I have a 14 year old daughter and I keep other 5 relatives .I
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An interview with Lidia Lisboa, DREAM activist, Director of Matola 2 Nutritional Centre, Mozambique

My experience with DREAM started out sadly and is now full of joy.
In 2002, my husband, the father of my daughter Albertina, died. Shortly afterwards, she started to feel ill too. Very ill. So much so, she stopped studying: she couldn’t even walk anymore!
We went to one hospital after another, but it was difficult to find treatment and I didn’t have enough money.
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Malawi – The story of Violet and Faith, a child born healthy to an HIV-positive mother

On Tuesday, Violet came to the DREAM centre of Mthengo wa Ntenga (Lilongwe). She was with Faith, her daughter, who was just 18 months old.
Faith is one of more than 100 children to be born on the programme of vertical prevention run by DREAM in Mthengo wa Ntenga. When her fourth daughter was born, a few months after she discovered that she was HIV-positive, Violet certainly needed faith – her daughter’s namesake – and she wanted to entrust herself and her child to people who would be able to lead them both out of resignation and despair.
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A story from Malawi – Brilliant, the shining light of life

I see him. At last he has come out of hospital… I ask him how he is and he replies in a thin voice and with a beautiful smile: “I’m fine, thanks, I’m very happy. What about you?” I answer him: “I’m fine too, thanks! You’re very kind. I’m happy to see you again.” He is worried about me; he asks me how I am! (. . .)

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