Children free from AIDS

Eliminate the transmission of HIV from mother to child 
to give birth to children free of AIDS.

Since its beginning DREAM has wanted to achieve the dual objective of preventing vertical transmission of HIV and at the same time ensure the survival of the mother and child by providing treatment to HIV-positive women during pregnancy and also to the mother-child couple. Today DREAM shows that it is really possible to practically eliminate the transmission of the HIV virus from mother to child.

The administration of the Antiretroviral Therapy during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding has virtually eliminated the percentage of children born with HIV. To date, over 55,000 children were born since the beginning of the program. Thus, the percentage of babies born HIV positive was basically cleared and their mothers have continued to live and to take care of their children. Moreover, thanks to the therapy administered also to the mothers, DREAM has achieved a reduction in maternal mortality in percentages equal to those of the general population in the countries in which the program operates.

Nutritional support is guaranteed to all pregnant women. This aims to fight against malnutrition and anemia and to reduce the number of premature births and the incidence of low birth weight.


  • Preventing vertical transmission of HIV
  • Permit breastfeeding
  • Reduce maternal mortality