Innovation and Sanitary Technologies

Laboratories, telemedicine, EMR, energy

In the medical area, the use of new technologies opens up scenarios unthinkable until now especially in settings with limited resources.

It is some time now that the DREAM program makes use of IT and technological means.

In Africa we are still far from intensive use of the computer. However, the reduction in the prices of computers and the spread of computer literacy have eliminated major barriers to their widespread use by ensuring that today we can actually think of a computerized health, even in Africa. Every clinic in the DREAM centers, even those located in more rural areas, has a computer and a computer system that allows the clinical management of patients and the control of adherence to treatment, the collection of epidemiological data and networking to provide all forms of support, coordination and staff management, the DREAM Software.

The use of new technologies also include:

  • Telemedicine
  • Laboratories more
  • E-learning
  • Mobile technologies such as SMS and geolocalization
  • Use of solar energy


  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Telemedicine
  • Molecular laboratories
  • Solar Energy System