Health & Baby Care

Children in Africa are still the segment of the population that has less access to care.

Malnutrition, HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and lack of hygiene contribute significantly to infant mortality on the continent. The DREAM program has always considered the pediatric care a matter of extreme importance: it is an investment for the future of Africa.

The care of children born from mothers affected by HIV starts from birth. With early neonatal detection it is possible to know timely the positivity or negativity of the smallest and ensure early treatment of those infants who are infected.

The many healthy babies born from HIV positive mothers are assisted for the first two years of their lives to protect their health. In fact DREAM offers to every child an articulated agenda of visits with trained personnel in pediatric HIV care.

Despite pharmacological and social interventions, the established dangerous circle of malnutrition and infection is a constant threat. Food shortages in malnourished children represent an important factor in infant mortality.

The Nutritional Education given in the centers to the mothers solve part of these problems. Moreover, their children also receive a nutritional support. For children with severe deficiencies special fortified food is supplied. The fight against child malnutrition is also carried out through the management of special nutritional centers implemented in those areas particularly affected by this problem. These nutritional centers have been designed not only as canteens, where children receive a full meal a day, as well as day care centers with educational activities, entertainment and family support.


  • Early neonatal detection
  • Nutritional Education and support
  • Nutritional centrers