A new model of Public Health

The DREAM program has adopted an innovative approach
to ensure maximum results with minimal costs. A light system based on small health centers spread across the countries, to reach rural areas and move towards the patient who often has economic and transportation difficulties.
This way, the system tries to meet the needs of patients through an holistic approach which is essential in the African context and that ensures high rates of retention.
All patients under the program also participate in health education courses that teach how to manage many aspects of everyday life.
The valuable work of health education, with the involvement of the patients themselves, creates a new culture: AIDS is no longer a death sentence and can be treated. Patients also become aware that free care is a right.
In fact the basis of DREAM is indeed gratuitousness: everyone can access treatment because care and diagnostic procedures are completely free of charge. Gratuitousness is imposed for reasons of fairness and justice, but it is also the secret of the high degree of adherence, considered today the true discriminator of the success of the therapy.


  • Maximum results and minimum costs
  • A light system based on small centers spread across the countries
  • Holistic approach
  • Health education
  • High level of "retention"
  • Gratuitousness