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Initial results of the DREAM project on famine financed by the Italian Cooperation


The project on the famine emergency has begun, in order to give an initial response to the food crisis unleashed by El Niño in Southern Africa. 2016 has been a year of food shortage across Africa, affecting almost 15 million people (news news ). Thanks to the resources of the Italian Cooperation, the DREAM program has launched a project with the aim of providing food aid to the populations most affected by the drought in Malawi and Mozambique that will reach 20,000 people. (. . .)

Reaching everyone through training

8bAn important Training Course has just been completed in the DREAM Center in Kinshasa. The strategy in fighting AIDS constantly requires more and more commitment, in view of the WHO’s goal to reach by 2020 “90, 90, 90” (90% of the population tested, 90% treated with antiretrovirals, 90% with a viral load under control). In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (data from 2014) 78% of women and 85% of men do not have access to the test: the screening of HIV is therefore an absolute priority. (. . .)

The DREAM Program participates at AIDS2016

Durban, South Africa. The DREAM Program of the Community of Sant’Egidio at AIDS2016


16 years later, the biennial event organized by the International AIDS Society returns to Durban, South Africa. The International AIDS Conference is one of the most important events in the world for the fight against HIV / AIDS: 18,000 delegates from all over the world including scientists, doctors, researchers, policy makers and NGOs are debating at a high level on the various topics regarding the fight against the virus. (. . .)

The DREAM Center in Blantyre remembers Elard Alumando

2016-07-15-dedica-Elard-01The DREAM center in Blantyre, the most important center of the Program of the Community of Sant’Egidio in the country, was dedicated today to Elard Alumando. The patients who knew him, the DREAM personnel, his family and his closest friends met for a small service around the plaque bearing his name. Jane Gondwe, a DREAM activist since the very beginning and a great friend of Elard, shared how, through his work in the Program, he contributed to saving many lives in Malawi, including her own. (. . .)

The DREAM program at the University of Eastern Piedmont


Managing the HIV infection in Malawi: the role of molecular diagnostics

The DREAM program has since the beginning believed that the use of diagnostics and laboratory monitoring is necessary to guarantee quality treatment to its patients. It was the first program that opened in Africa, and the first to steadily make use of molecular biology laboratories. Considering only Mozambique and Malawi, the DREAM laboratories have carried out until now more than half a million viral loads. (. . .)

The Ambassador of Italy to Cameroon visits the DREAM center in Nkolondom

P1070950 Nkolondom

On 7 July 2016 the DREAM center of Nkolondom in Yaounde received the Ambassador of Italy to Cameroon, Mrs. Samuela Isopi.
The ambassador visited the treatment center, which already has 450 patients in treatment, and the laboratory, which is one of the 3 laboratories in Yaounde credited for carrying out viral load analysis in the central and southern regions of the country. (. . .)