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Training of Local Health Workers in Africa based on the DREAM Model

Countries:  Mozambique , Malawi , Tanzania ,  Guinea Conakry

Head Association: DREAM Foundation- Community of St. Egidio

DonorsConferenza Episcopale Italiana

Description: The project “Training of Local Health Workers in Africa based on the DREAM Model for the cure of the AIDS epidemic, malnutrition, and all corelated pathologies” attempts to confront the fight that the HIV pandemic present in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Mozambique, Malawi, Guinea, and Tnnzania.  The program aims to train local health personnel to be experts in: the field of infections, caring for pediatric patients with HIV/AIDS and malnutrition, performing advanced diagnosis and molecular biology, the organization of a pharmacy and the management of large pharmaceutical distribution facilities, the counseling and accompaniment of HIV patients, the promotion of women’s rights, and nutritional evaluation and necessary supplementation. Across the four countries 350 health workers will be trained along with 1,100 community workers, and 140 laboratory technicians.

Beneficiaries:  1,600 people including health workers, community worker, and lab technicians

Project Start Date: 2014

Project End Date: 2017

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