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Agile Healthcare for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Guinea

Country: Guinea

Locations: Dubreka, Fassia, Matoto

Head Association: Community of S. Egidio

DonorAnton Jurgens Fonds

Description: The project aims to contribute to improving the health of people living in Guinea Conakry by providing them with health services and care for people with HIV/AIDS who are enrolled in one of the three health centers in either Dubreka, Fassia, or Matoto. A team of health care professional of the DREAM Center in Dixinn will attend the three centers above weekly to provide basic services for HIV/AIDS screening, diagnostic monitoring, antiretroviral treatment, home care, and psychological support. In light of the health situation of the country in recent years, patients will also be screened for Ebola.

Beneficiaries: Approximately 800 people living with HIV/AIDS in the area of Dubreka, Fassia and Matoto.

Project Start Date: October 1, 2005

Project End Date: June 30, 2016

Budget: 45,000 euro

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