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DREAM in Tanzania

Country: Tanzania

Head Association: Community of S. Egidio

Donor: Papal Foundation.

Partners: The DREAM Project in Tanzania opeartes with three different provinces and in each province the Community of S. Egidio collaborates with local partners. In the province of Arusha, the Community operates with the Congregation of the Holy Ghost Fathers; in the district of Ara – Tarime the Community works with the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity; and in the province of Iringa, in collaboration with the Diocese of Iringa.

Description: The project was started with the aims of guaranteeinig diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment to population of Tanzania affected by AIDS. Another fundamental objective is to prevent vertical transmission of the virus between mother and child. The project also aims to alleviate the problem of malnutrition in Tanzania in attempts to reduce the risks of other infections and instead increasing the quality of life of individuals. The project hopes to increase the  training of local health care professionals in order to increase the area’s ability to fight the pathology.

Beneficiaries: The entire population of Tanzania

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