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The Fight Against Maternal Mortality Caused by HIV / AIDS

Country: Mozambique

Locations: Maputo, Sofala, Quelimane, Mangunde, Chokwe

Head Association: Community of S. Egidio

Partner: Department of Health of Mozambique

Donors:  Merk & Co and the Italian Government

Descrizione: The objective of this project is the contribue to the reduction of the number of maternal deaths caused by HIV, which at the moment is the cause of one fourth of maternal deaths in Mozambique. In order to achieve this goal, the project foresees the use of eleven medical centers, seven of which are run by DREAM and four of which are public clinics, all of which all be fully equipped to provide maternal care services; in particular providing a high quality diagnosis and monitoring.

Over the course of three years it is expected that these services will be given to approximately 5,700 pregnant women. The ultimate goal of this project is to implement the general guidelines of DREAM in the fight against HIV and in the prevention of vertical transmission of the disease between mother and child. In addition we will provide training for the professionals working in these centers will be administered, focusing on the improvement of maternal care, obstetric services, nutrition, and HIV/AIDS management. Overall, the aim of this project is to improve the general health systems and conditions in Mozambique.

Project Start Date: 2013

Project End Date:  2016

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