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Improving the Effectiveness and Effeciency of Health Services

Country: Mozambique

Locations: Province of Sofala (Mangunde, Chibabava District), Province of Gaza (Chokwé, Chokwé  District) and province of Zambézia (Quelimane, Quelimane District)

Head Association: Community of Sant’Egidio

Partners: DREAM – Associação para o Direito aos Tratamentos Sanitários e de Luta Contra a Sida

Donor: European Union

Description: The project aimed to provide support to local partners in order improve the living and health conditions of rural and suburban communities in Mozambique, in particular those affected by HIV/AIDS and malnutrition. The activities carried out included: specific training courses for local health personnel (doctors, laboratory technicians, and pharmacists), prevention by means of free testing and health education classes offered to patients, activities for home care and community support, which allowed more than 2,000 new patients to receive treatment. In one year 380 pregnant women received ART treatment, which successfully prevented the vertical transmission of the virus from mother to child. These same women also received nutritional care and distribution of necessary food along with an explanation of their properties and conservation. There was a grand improvement in both the research (clinical, biological, and in public health) and the infrastructure of laboratories (23,661 tests were carried out from February 2012, of which 9451 were viral load counts).

Beneficiaries:  27,000 persons affected by HIV/AIDS and malnutrition and all of their families, therefore serving more than 100,000 people

Project Start Date: 02/01/2010

Project End Date: 01/31/2013


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