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Support in the Fight Against Malnutrition in Malawi

Country: Malawi

Head Association: Community of S. Egidio

Donor: Clinton Health Access Initiative

Description: The aim of the project was to prevent malnutrition for minors between the ages of 5 and 13 throughout Malawi. There were three general goals to achieve:

  1. Accelerate and support the national campaign against acute malnutrition and all integrated services for nutrition and HIV treatment
  2. Strengthen the quality of the DREAM Program as well as the tools used for measuring and evaluation
  3. Promote the efficient use of energy and local products

For this reason DREAM supported all existing centers for the fight against malnutrition in the regions of Magochi and Blantyre. In the most concrete terms, the Program hopes to renew eight health centers, to improve coordination at the district level, and to provide nutritional services to HIV-positive pregnant women.

In addition we will administer the training of 160 health workers and 300 volunteers, all of whom are involved in some way in the fight against malnutrition.

Beneficiaries: 1,800 nuclear families

Project Start Date: December 2013

Project End Date: June 2014

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