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Since its beginning, the DREAM Program has adopted in Africa the same diagnostic protocols used in the Western world. This meant the construction and installation of a network of sophisticated and high quality laboratories run by adequately trained African staff. Alongside the analysis to monitor liver and kidney functions, complete CBC to assess the patient’s general condition, routinely CD4 cell count and determination of viral load is carried out.

Resistance tests are also performed in order to identify patients whose viruses have developed resistance to the treatment in place.

For several years we are also able to carry out the neonatal early diagnosis, based on the amplification by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).

Given the difficulty in the diagnosis of tuberculosis in patients with HIV, a method for fast and accurate diagnosis of the disease, with GeneXpert machine, has been introduced.

Today the DREAM laboratories play an important role within the national health systems, also working for other facilities and programs to fight against AIDS.

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