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  DREAM center in Congo RDC

The DREAM Center in Kinshasa was built thanks to the contribution of °General Associations°, The Italian Cooperation, and the Bambini del Danumbio Foundation. In the last years it has received generous support from the General Foundation.

The Center is situation in Bibwa, which is not far from the airport of Ndjili. It serves as the reference point for anyone in the capital who is seeking free HIV treatment, in particular for those located in the eastern portion of the city.

The Center opened in June of 2011 and offers free antiretroviral treatment and runs a full molecular biology laboratory, considered of excellent quality for the country, which also lends assistance to various NGOs and other centers in the country.

Since November of 2013, in response to the increasing difficulty to access health services by a majority of the population, the center started °DREAMmobile.° With a 4×4 car a team goes out each month to provide onsite HIV testing, treatment, and nutritional support, to even the most remote and disadvantaged individuals. In this way DREAM has been able to reach a large number of people, a majority of which are young, pregnant women.